Sharing slivers of my creative life


I began designing clothes from a young age using my sewing skills to piece together items of clothing that I took great pride in. I would then take these handiworks to India as samples to produce for myself. It caught on fast, and as my friends and community saw my designs they wanted in. I began designing and selling clothes around the world as a side business. Since then I have explored and developed different areas of artistry, which has brought me to creating Jamunalaluna; a collaboration of my arts.

To create each exclusive clothing line I visit and explore different areas of India, gathering and combining unique fabrics to create exceptional designer pieces. I am inspired by the colors and fabrics of the tribal regions of India.  My creations are a mix of tribal and classic combined that are easily accessible and wearable for the Western world.


Throughout my life I’ve lived in many places in India and America, as both are my roots. I take pleasure in merging inspirations from both countries in my work and creations, and it excites me to bring the fusion of these styles along with global awareness through my work to you.

Since birth I was brought up in the Bhakti Yoga tradition in a vegetarian household where healthy food, music, singing, dancing, arts, and traveling were an important part of living. Yoga Asana has also been a constant practice and staple in my life, as has Kirtan/Mantra chanting. I have continued to cultivate these essentials throughout my adult life.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in health arts and sciences with a focus on philosophy and holistic nutrition. I choose to follow a plant based vegan diet as I believe in the power of clean eating and living, and I aim to do my part in keeping our planet green and our oceans clean.

I am a member of the Kirtaniyas band, together we are a global collective of musicians, producers, and dancers. We travel world wide performing and sharing our love for the bhakti arts that we grew up in.

Besides traveling as a performing artist and musician, I also travel as a business entrepreneur, fashion/jewelry designer, and Yogini.
I pursue both professions as a business women and an artiste.

~ Jamuna

May this life give me peace

May this life give me passion

May I grow to my highest potential

May I make a difference to the world and the people surrounding me

May I be grateful for all that I have been given

and with grace flow through the currents of time

However short this life may be

May I be in love

May I be in art

and may I be with passion for consciousness bigger than myself

May I learn from the lives of the yogis and saints

And may this life give me mysticism so deep

it can almost be seen on my body

and felt through my eyes

- Jamuna