I feel impassioned to help others in ways that I can
These projects that I am involved in
unite the people through kindness
And bring smiles to the faces of all

The empowered give back


It gives my heart joy to say I donated cloth and designed outfits for these little dancers.

The outfits were stitched by the village women who work at Sandi Pani Muni School, and the remaining pieces well be sold in their store for generating more income for the kids.

These girls come from simple village families that barely own anything, and it is a blessing that they are getting the facilities for an education and a way to express their creativity.

I am happy to have encouraged and supported them in this way.
I hope to bring awareness to the power of giving back.

Here is a little write up that the school did of me.

Jamuna’c Cloth Donation

Check out the school to learn more about what they do and sponsor a child.


Compassion is a state of mind
That we can practice
I believe it will make us happier people

A group of my friends and I wanted to do something to give back and make a difference in helping the village people in Vrindavan India, survive through the harsh winter.
We reached out to friends and families around the world to donate their old winter clothes or/and give a donation for this cause. We were extremely encouraged by the enthusiastic responses.
I want to sincerely thank all the people who donated their old winter clothes for us to give out.
The people who gave money for us to buy blankets and shawls to keep them warm.
And of course the amazing inspiring crew that came out to make this happen.

It was an extremely blissful and chaotic experience, there ware times we were getting chased down by the people because they were so excited to be given clothing!
The smiles on their faces were priceless and contagious.

We must give back
As we are given