May this life give me peace
May this life give me passion
May I grow to my highest potential
May I make a difference to the world and the people surrounding me
May I be grateful for all that I have been given
and with grace flow through the currents of time
However short this life may be
May I be in love
May I be in art
and may I be with passion for consciousness bigger than myself
May I learn from the lives of the yogis and saints
And may this life give me mysticism so deep
it can almost be seen on my body
and felt through my eyes

An endless stream of words full of meaning
Stepping off this abyss
Taking that leap of faith into the unknown
Journey unravels piece by piece
Shaping it’s way
Making my destiny
Underneath these flesh and bones I look out
This covered pair of eyes
This is not what I am
This holds power but it is not where my power comes from
Time after time bringing myself back on the path
Picking up where I’ve left off
It is never a loss
These disguises
These multifaceted disguises
Hold much power
But it is not where my power comes from
Peeling away layer after layer
Putting the pieces back together
Tipping over the ledge
A vagabond on an endless trippy journey
Listen to the calling
Listen to the sound


She looks sweet
She looks put together
Proper and orderly
She’s pressed her life down
Into a nice tidy little package
Turned down her voice
And closed up her words
Yes, she looks good
She has conformed to society
And limiting cultural beliefs
Which means she’s been starved
Of basic encouragement and support
She has lost her sense of
Self and soul
Her inner voice remains silent on the outside

But why should she give in to less then she is worthy of
Or to the disgraceful stories of the culture
That hold false beliefs
That she, as a women has no
Choice, voice, or power
That she is less then another
When the truth is
She has the power to burn something down to the ground
If necessary
The women standing in her true feminine nature
will wildly reject the norms
When it is neither nurturing nor sensible
She will stand on the edge
Even if she has to crawl there on her own
And meaningfully rebel
In a way that will create change
In a way that brings valuable messages
And causes an awakening
In a way that will contribute to her
Culture and society

Taking her life into her own hands
She will make noise
She will cause trouble
Standing soft and mighty
True to her own heart
She will no longer be fearful
To open her mouth and roar love
From the very depths of her being
For Shakti is unstoppable


For generations the feminine has been burned in books and talked about only in secret voices that have gotten drowned out

Now, I see the pendulum swinging the other way way to often

But for many of us we are now standing in the middle ground waiting for you to stand with us

Longing for you to hold our hand and walk ahead with us

In service and submission to the Divine

But how long will you to take to awaken?

When will you put down your ego shed your tears and open yourself up to vulnerable passion and sweet power

When will you walk in a straight line and allow the feminine to zig zag and circle dancing her way around you

When will you think from above your waist and use the huge intelligence you’ve been given to feel from your courageous heart

When will you build up the feminine and guide her to shine and blossom to her full capacity

When will you be loyal and just stop flirting with anything that has a butt and boobsIts simply getting old

When will you view the feminine as a sacred fire and stop exploiting her for your own selfish satisfaction

When will you see that the feminine needs you to protect her

She has been waiting for you to stand up and be the real hero

My Dear,

You must know that you have such a soft heart
There are times when you think that you can play the game and act tough
but in the end it is you that always breaks the most
That feels all of it
Maybe you can let this supposed weakness become your great strength
Because my God you have a heart worth keeping soft
You have love that kisses your finger tips and hugs your curves
You have love in your voice that brings fire to your tongue with needed
Others may not understand
they may never understand
But give yourself this glorious gift of keeping yourself vulnerably passionate and open to love
Because love, like art, is not here to just be neat and pretty
It is in your life to allow you to feel
To remind you to breath and surrender just that little bit more to all that you cannot control
It is here to teach you compassion
Sometimes in the most painful ways
But can you, will you, find compassion for all these beings in the world you are connected to
And compassion for yourself as well
I am here to remind you
Don’t be so hard on yourself
When you give, you give with both hands open
It is part of your loveliness
And one day some one will hold both those hands
they will not run from the glorious fire that vibrates your being
So I give you permission to keep being you and doing you
And remember
you have a heart worth keeping soft


The sun up above
The sun had disappeared behind the clouds
And the clouds covered the whole sky
Down below
Where I lay
Dirty. Brown. Muddy
How cold anything grow in this ground?
But breath seemed unreachable
This earth I lay on
I remembered, that this earth is where flowers grow
This is where seeds are planted
This is where life blooms
I tilled my soil
I churned my heart
Observing every broken crease
Turning it over and over
Weeding the inner sanctums
Rebuilding is a skill I simply had to learn
And regrowing does not happen overnight
Tough emotions are part of our human contract with life
And I have done the work
I have allowed myself to feel
All of it.
I hid often
But not from myself
I ran away at times
But not from myself
I looked inside
I awakened within
Planting. Watering. Weeding. Sunning.
I have done the work
When I began to grow for the wrong reasons for the wrong humans
My already weak branches were broke
And again and again
I regrew.
Determination. Will. And a longing to grow higher. Brighter.
Full of light
More brilliant than ever before
Watered my soul
And grace
Divine intervention
And love from a higher power
Nourished my heart
I have done the work
And part of the work
Is to keep doing the work
I’ve checked, rechecked, and double checked
The boundaries
Around my growing wild forest flower garden
With budding flowers, beautiful leaves, and the nourishing earth
I am fiercely protective of this garden
No sweet talking charmer hell bent on seducing
And leaving me broken
Shall trample over my sacred space
And remember
We say that a flower is blooming
Whether it is in half
Three quarters
Or in full bloom

Yes I have fears and insecurities.
But I sprinkle them with magic dust and turn them into opportunities.
I choose transformation over avoidance as I swirl through the waves with spiraling mandalas of energy around me.
I can feel my wings sprouting on the back of my shoulder blades.
Some may call me crazy.
This may be so, but one thing’s for sure I’m bat shit passionate.
Because there is magic in the air, the atmosphere is gyrating with it.
It is tangible and so present.
I bask in its sparkling glow.
Life is so much better on this side. Dare, dare to let it in.
I push myself to that absolutely ridiculous blissful limit then let myself fall down that rabbit hole.
Cuz if I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t

Reflecting the light
So pure and clean
Her holy waters
A mystical dream
Deep dark swirls
Full of hidden pearls
Her magic embrace
Jamuna’s sweetness innate

Her waters so pure and eternally clean
She looks to her Lord
Her eyes agleam
Sweetly washing Shyam’s feet
in her waters they always meet
Her pure nature reflects
In her cleansing depths
Vrindavan Dham is her home
It is where her love is forever shone
A divine transformation within
She has bestowed upon all
She will always be remembered
Shining and sparkling with beauty
Dark restless waters aglow
Jamuna’s beauty
Pure, wild, and free

We search for happiness

To fuel the emptiness

We forget that we hold it in the spine that lines our backs

And when we do remember

The nectar drops up from the base into our third eye

And we see happiness and feel fullness

Perhaps only for a drop in time

But what we must remind ourselves

Is that we can accumulate these bliss drops